Stan Bradley’s

Progressive Martial Arts

A wholly owned subsidiary of Sound Karate Club, INC.








A new white belt with her yellow first stripe.  (Fall 2004)

Adrienne Montgomene and her new yellow belt with instructor David Cox.  (May 2005)



cid:DF5D910ED1CB11D9BF47DBCB72BCCC4E@snj-us-pcwp-705.kodak.comNew brown belts Treacy Harris, Noah Hogan, and Kaitlin Hogan (May 2005)

Richard Bernard receives his shodan black belt from Shihan Ted Jungblut (June 2005)



Bowing in (June 2005)

The duties of a black belt are enormous!


Adult class (June 2005)


Making cupcakes for a karate celebration (June 2005)

Kaitlin demonstrating how to throw a black belt.


Roundhouse demonstration (June 2005)



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